About Me

In 1971, Claudio Naranjo noted that "The word 'meditation' has been used to designate a variety of practices that differ enough from one another so that we may find trouble in defining what meditation is." There remains no definition of necessary and sufficient criteria for meditation that has achieved universal or widespread acceptance within the modern scientific community, as one study recently noted a "persistent lack of consensus in the literature" and a "seeming intractability of defining meditation". Since then many attempts have been made to define meditation.


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Four words to describe me are short, fast, playful, and honest.

My family members are Shyli, Grace, Sky, Megan, and Joey.

A few of my favorite sports and games are skating, gymnastics, and ping pong.

Let me tell you about pets: I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, and a lizard.

Three things that make me happy are: sleeping late, eating ice cream, and no homework.

My favorite subjects are art, robotics, dance, and math.

My favorite fun places I like to go are Disneyland, the beach, and grandma's house.

I like to eat cheeze pizza, macaroni and cheese, and cheesy nachos.

Something fun not many people know about me is I can train my dog to do tricks.